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The Chanting Revisited

2018 / 105m - Indonesia
The Chanting Revisited poster

Indonesian horror cinema has grown much bigger in the past decade, which means it has also been looking to broaden its core audience. It's no surprise then to see a film like The Chanting Revisited target a younger audience, with less gore, softer scares, and a young cast.

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Glenn presents a show about haunted houses. In one of them, he finds a stylish mirror which he grabs for his girlfriend's aunt. The mirror houses a Kuntilanak, a ghost who apprehends kids lacking motherly love. She'll find plenty of opportunity in her new home, with no less than five kids living there.

The ghost isn't all that scary-looking, there are quite a few comedic interludes and there's no real gore to speak of. It's a pretty decent entry-level horror film, certainly for younger kids who aren't quite sure about the genre just yet. Seasoned horror fans will find a decent atmosphere, but that's about it.