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2022 / 101m - Norway
Fantasy, Action
Troll poster

A Norwegian Kaiju film, mixed with a dash of Jurassic Park. Don't expect anything too original in other words, but it was pretty amusing to see a solid and familiar concept applied in a different context. Fans of Gojira will feel right at home, especially with the focus on the fantasy and action bits.

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A team of tunnelers is facing some serious problems after setting off their explosives. Their work awakened a creature deep inside the mountain, which is now free and roaming the countryside. A famed paleontologist is called in to assist a team of military men and scientists, she's the first to realize the kind of creature they're dealing with.

The structure is set in stone and the film packs no surprises, but the effects are solid, the pacing is very pleasant and the film is entertaining from start to finish. This is basically Troll Hunter for a new generation. A little unnecessary maybe, but if one Norway makes one good troll film per decade, you won't hear me complain.

Cold Prey

Fritt Vilt
2006 / 97m - Norway
Horror, Thriller
Cold Prey poster

The Wave

2015 / 105m - Norway
Action, Drama, Thriller
The Wave poster

Very capable disaster movie that starts off well but loses it a little in the second half. The build-up and the actual disaster are executed to perfection, the rescue on the other hand is too cheesy and sentimental. It gets way too Hollywood after the halfway point, a missed opportunity because the rest of the film was great.

Tomb Raider

2018 / 119m - USA
Action, Adventure
Tomb Raider poster

Lame and lifeless Indiana Jones copy. Vikander fails to impress, the action is tame, the traps and the adventure boring. Daniel Wu is quickly becoming the Ken Watanabe of China and for a film set in Japan, there's a remarkable lack of Japanese actors. Unless you're starving for more Indiana Jones-like films, avoid.