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Hugo Pool

1997 / 92m - USA
Comedy, Romance
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Babo 73

1964 / 57m - USA
Babo 73 poster

This is where it all started for Downey Sr's career as a director. A short and absurd little comedy that reminded me a bit of Soderbergh's Schizopolis. Wonky puns, random jokes, and some political stabs are the main pull of this film, which plays more like a mockumentary than an actual narrative.

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The newest president of the United Status lives in an old villa, from where he tries to govern his country. He is facing the growing threat of racial inequality, but he also has to navigate the ideological differences of his three most trusted advisors: a reactionary, a liberal, and a radical thinker.

This was a cute experiment, but a bit too repetitive to keep things fresh for an hour. There's definitely some fun to be had and some decent laugh along the way, it's just that halfway through the puns and jokes don't really go anywhere new, and the film becomes a bit too predictable. Better than expected though.

Up the Academy

1980 / 87m - USA
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