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Plain forgettable

Sleepaway Camp

1983 / 84m - USA
Sleepaway Camp poster

Cheap 80s slasher that spawned its fair share of sequels, no doubt because of the hilarious twist ending. The rest of the film is rather dull and uneventful. The kills are boring, the actors horrendous and the lack of suspense is disappointing. At least the fashion is good for a few laughs and the ending does live up to the hype, but that's not enough to save this mess.

Big nopes

Sleepaway Camp V: The Return

2008 / 86m - USA
Sleepaway Camp V: The Return poster

Robert Hiltzik returns from God knows where to make the 5th (and for now final) entry in the cult series he started almost 30 years earlier. Unpleasant characters, lame kills, terrible actors and a twist that boggles the mind. It's all very poor and amateurish, unless you really have a thing for 'bad' films, it's impossible to recommend this film to anyone.