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The Unicorn

2018 / 88m - USA
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A quirky comedy about a couple that wonders if their relationship isn't too dull. It's a little fragmented (almost structured like a road movie) and there aren't too many excessively funny moments, but the comedy is consistent and the lighthearted mood carries through from start to finish.

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When Malory and Caleb are visiting Malory's parents for their 25th wedding anniversary, they feel like their relationship isn't quite as exciting anymore. They decide to spice things up a little, but during their night out they run into some very odd people that don't necessarily push them in the right direction.

Lapkus and Rutherford are nice, they meet some pretty kooky people along the way and there's some solid cringe-based comedy scattered around. The pacing and runtime are perfect too, it's just not quite mad and/or zany enough to really stand out from the crowd. Solid comedy filler though.