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The Bunker Game

2022 / 95m - Italy
The Bunker Game poster

An interesting premise, some good ideas to pull the story along, but a slight lack of dedication to the genre elements. The Bunker Game could've been a better film if only director Zazzara had committed a bit more to the horror and thriller elements introduced. Instead, the film focuses too much on the actual plot, which isn't all that interesting.

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A big LARP gathering has to be halted when the underground bunker where it is held proves to be unsafe. The players are asked to leave, while the organizers stay behind to clean up the place. But then they find themselves locked up, with the leader missing. Is the LARP game still continuing, or is something else going on?

The setting is superb, the LARP game is interesting and there is plenty of opportunity for scares and haunts. It's just that the film seems more interested in the tepid back stories of the characters and the history of the place. This wasn't bad so much as it failed to live up to its true potential.