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The inoffensive

The First Temptation of Christ

A Primeira Tentação de Cristo
2019 / 46m - Brazil
The First Temptation of Christ poster

The Prequel to The Last Hangover, which is every bit as goofy, silly and well ... blunt. The idea is pretty much the same, only now we're celebrating Jesus' 30th birthday, on which his parents plan to tell him who his real faster is. If you hate blasphemous things, don't even attempt to watch this, otherwise it's a fun and amusing comedy.

The Last Hangover

Se Beber, Não Ceie
2018 / 44m - Brazil
The Last Hangover poster

A strange cross-over between the biblical last supper and The Hangover. Some over-the-top, Brazilian comedy that takes a while to get going, but gets pretty funny during the second half. Not for people who are easily offended and many of the joke are quite predictable, but the presentation and execution are pretty on point.