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Mesa of Lost Women

1953 / 70m - USA
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Pulpy horror from the 50s. The film tries to sell you Tarantula women, but in reality you're watching a horrible cast going through lines and lines of cheap dialogue, just to keep the special effects to a minimum. It's an effective cost-saving mechanism, but it doesn't make for good cinema.

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You better like flamenco music, as it's loud and ever-present. It doesn't really gel with the atmosphere, but that doesn't seem to bother Ormond and Tevos. The performances are flat, the effects are laughable and there's disappointingly little in the way of horror and/or sci-fi. That's not really uncommon for old horror flicks, but even by that measure Mesa of the Lost Women underperforms.

The film is short, but because there's so much talking it still feels quite long. Don't hope for a sprawling finale either, there clearly wasn't enough budget (or talent) to come up with anything decent. If you really love classic cult/pulp then there might be something here, otherwise I suggest you think twice before watching this one.