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Shadow in the Cloud

2020 / 83m - New Zealand
Thriller, Comedy
Shadow in the Cloud poster

Unfiltered entertainment. The less you know about this film up front, the better. At least, if you're willing to let go of the notion that films have to be coherent and sensible. Shadow in the Cloud simply throws whatever it thinks is fun at you, regardless of genre, and it turns that's not such a bad concept after all.

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Though the plot hardly deserves a second look, the setup of the film is actually pretty neat, as it tails the lead character from start to finish. The result is that for the first half we're mostly just getting audio feedback of the action, but it creates a solid tension and mystery (and it's pretty cost-effective too) that eases you into the film.

Shadow in the Cloud is not without faults. The CG is a little shoddy, the creature design is lame and Moretz is a poor fit for the girl power fantasy Liang chases, but all of that is easily forgiven when people start falling out of planes and are propelled right back in by the explosion of another plane underneath. It's that kinda film, and that deserves praise.