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Tin & Tina

2023 / 119m - Spain
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A pleasant Spanish horror flick, though a bit long in the tooth. The premise is a little too simple to warrant the 120-minute runtime and the ending could've used a bit of extra spice, but the base quality is definitely there and the film has a handful of memorable moments. That's good enough for genre filler.

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When Lola has a miscarriage on her wedding day, her only remaining chance at having children is adoption. With her husband, she visits a nearby convent, where she meets Tin and Tina, two albino kids who were left on the steps of the convent several years ago. She takes pity on them, but their dedication to religion brings some unforeseen challenges.

The presentation looks stylish, the performances are solid and the albino twins are creepy. It's a moody film, but the horror elements are quite modest and the (reversed) religious angle isn't 100% convincing. If it had been a 90-minute film with a punchier ending I'm sure I would've liked it better.