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You Are Forever Younger Than Them

Kimi wa Eien ni Soitsura Yori Wakai
2021 / 118m - Japan
You Are Forever Younger Than Them poster

A fine drama. You Are Forever Younger Than Them takes a while to get going, mostly because it needs time to properly introduce its main characters, but once those are established a subtle web of relations and friendships develops itself, with each personal revelation adding to the intrigue.

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Horigai is on the verge of graduating. She already has a job lined up, but she doesn't feel ready to face the adult world. She lacks confidence, she's still a virgin and when she finally hooks up with a boy, he commits suicide soon after. But then she becomes friends with Inogi, a younger girl with a troubled past.

The performances are strong, the pacing is slow but deliberate and the onscreen chemistry between the actors is excellent. It's really nice to see how Horigai and Inogi find comfort in each other's company, especially when they open up to each other. The presentation is a little flat, other than that a very worthwhile drama.