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Alive and kicking



2020 / 116m - USA
Extraction poster

A very simple but spectacular action film. Don't expect too much of the plot (the title explains everything you need to know), Hargrave cares more about the elaborate action scenes and spectacular gun fights than he cares about his characters. Not everyone will appreciate that, but hardened action fans can rest assured: Extraction delivers.

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For the most part at least, as Hargrave can't quite keep the pacing going. The film slows down once or twice, which are by far its weakest moments. The poor attempts at introducing thriller (and even drama) elements feel forced and unnecessary, especially when the action stands out the way it does.

The extraction scene is clearly the highlight here. Cut to be one lengthy, continuous scene, it's action cinema the way I love to see it. Gritty, dynamic, made with a lot punch. It even trumps the finale, though only by a small margin. Good stuff for people looking for a great action film, others shouldn't even bother.