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Assassination Nation

2018 / 108m - USA
Thriller, Comedy -
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Teens. It's not often you see a film about flashy/cool teens. Usually it's about old souls who have trouble fitting in, Assassination Nation on the other hand takes four social media adepts who participate freely in the popularity contest that is high school. It's a bit like Coppola's The Bling Ring, but with slightly less bling and lots more attitude.

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The town of Salem is a pretty basic suburban community, until a hacker starts leaking people's personal messages and photographs. Everyone's dirty secrets are getting out on the street and the community reacts like every self-respecting community would: with dishonest disgust and fake, aggressive outrage.

Assassination is quite in-your-face. Characters are slightly larger than life, the cinematography is all but subtle, the score is loud and bold. It's a film that feels young and contemporary, which is always a blessing. Things get a bit crazier in the second half, though I don't think Levinson went far enough to call this a true masterpiece, but it was a real blast alright.