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Lang Tong

by Sam Loh
2014 / 82m - Singapore
Thriller, Horror
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A decent but visibly low-budget thriller/horror film from Singapore. Sam Loh made a pure genre flick, the kind where an up and coming director can establish himself without taking too many risks. A cookie cutter plot, some predictable twists and a little nastiness to please genre fans.

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Zach is a typical player. He acts all sweet and understanding when meeting up with prospective dates, but once he gets in a relationship he abuses them and starts sleeping around. When he meets Li Ling, Zach feels like becoming a better man, but Li Er, Ling's sister, has other plans for Zach.

Performances are mediocre, some quick and dirty color grading is applied to make the film a tad more attractive. The setup is pretty simple and the story can get a little too transparent. The payoff is pretty great though and the pacing is solid. For genre fans only, but within that context this was decent filler.