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Straw Dogs

1971 / 113m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Straw Dogs poster

A gritty 70s thriller, that takes way too long to get going, and has few other redeeming qualities than its raw finale. As it takes about 100 minutes to get there, the film as a whole is a pretty big disappointment. Not that my expectations were that much higher, considering the people involved, but the film does have quite the reputation.

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David and his wife move to the UK, where they hope to find a more peaceful life. Their attempts are in vain, as they aren't exactly welcomed in the little rural community. What starts off as pestering starts to escalate pretty quickly. David is a peace-loving man, but even he has his limits.

The premise sounded promising, but the performances are pretty bad (not a big Hoffman fan), the drab colors are off-putting and the first half is overly long and uneventful. The second half is better, but I've seen films that are way more impressive in almost half the length of this one. Not very good.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

1974 / 112m - USA
Crime, Action
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia poster

I'm not a big fan of gritty 70s cinema, and Peckinpah's Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia is a good reminder of what I don't like about these films. Poorly acted, ugly colors, and a dreary setting left me wanting. The second half is a bit more action-oriented, but nothing that got the adrenaline flowing.

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The title gives away the entire plot. Alfredo Garcia got the daughter of a wealthy baron pregnant. He is furious and promises one million dollars to whoever brings the head of Garcia. Bennie and Elita could use the money, so they decide to work together and they set out to locate Garcia.

The first hour is pretty slow and more drama-focused. I didn't care for the actors or their characters though, so it was all for naught. The second hour brings the action, but it lacks impact and left me equally uninterested. Two hours is too long for the simple premise, but even with 30 minutes cut it wouldn't have been a better film.

The Wild Bunch

1969 / 135m - USA
Action, Adventure, Western
The Wild Bunch poster

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

1973 / 122m - USA
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid poster

I haven't enjoyed my trip through Sam Peckinpah's oeuvre so far, but Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid is by far my least favorite film of his. It's exactly what you'd imagine a '70s western to be like. Slow, grungy, and dreary, a serious take on what is essentially a very kitsch and cheesy genre.

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Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid know each other from way back, but when Billy escapes hanging by killing two deputies, the two are pitched against each other. Garrett is hired to catch Billy and bring him to justice. Patt finds himself a posse and starts his journey to track down his old pall.

That's pretty much it. Two guys chasing each other in the old West. I don't care for the setting, didn't care for the characters, or the chase, and I certainly didn't appreciate the slow pacing and longer runtime. There's just nothing here for me, but no doubt fans of westerns and gritty 70s cinema will find plenty to like.