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Fifty Shades of Grey

2015 / 125m - USA
Fifty Shades of Grey poster

First there were the books, then came the films. I never saw or read any of it, but I pretty much knew what to expect. That's how big the cultural impact of the franchise is. I have to admit I expected worse. Not that this was a great film, but I found it slightly less pulpy than many have made it out to be.

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Anastasia is young and inexperienced. When she gets the chance to interview Christian Grey, a successful businessman, she is flabbergasted by his presence. Somewhat surprisingly, Christian takes an interest in Anastasia and his wealth and charm are more than a woman with her limited experience are able to withstand.

For a film that is known for its somewhat taboo subject, it's all pretty prim and proper. Sure enough, there is some nudity, but the film can't hide its pulpy origins. The performances are decent though, and it's certainly not as cheap-looking as I'd feared. I'm not really the target audience, but the flak this film received makes me wonder if some may have had ulterior motives.

Nowhere Boy

2009 / 98m - UK
Nowhere Boy poster