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2021 / 81m - USA
Sci-fi - Anthology
Doors poster

Intriguing sci-fi. Another anthology project that goes for tighter narrative cohesion, it seems to be a new trend these days. Not quite sure if I think it's a positive one, but at least it worked well for Doors. The film finds the right balance between thematic continuity and stylistic variation.

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Mysterious doorways/portals are appearing all over the world. Four shorts each highlight a different stage of this mysterious event. It plays a bit like the Cloverfield franchise, only with everything wrapped into a single film (which I guess sounds a lot more like Eduardo Sánchez' Portals project).

The second short film is the clear highlight, very reminiscent of Memories' Magnetic Rose segment. The first and third are solid, only the fourth feels a little obsolete. Interesting effects, great sound design, solid performances and a superb central mystery make this a very cool project though. Don't listen to all the naysayers, just watch this when you're in the mood for a fun sci-fi project.