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2023 / 88m - USA
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Not the most adventurous horror film, but the execution is pretty solid. It is part of a relatively established horror niche and it doesn't really color outside the lines, but there are some interesting touches (like the behavior of the parents) that help to set it apart and give the film some extra creep.

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Peter is a shy and introverted boy who is getting bullied at school. His home situation is pretty rough too, with two overprotective parents who make things worse. When his new teacher takes an interest, it starts to dawn on her that something might be off. Peter's drawings suggest that things at home are far worse than they appear.

The first third tries to keep the film's mysteries hidden, but once the cat is out of the bag it follows a pretty familiar pattern. Bodin builds up the tension pretty well, the scares are effective and the film is brutal when need be, though most of the gory bits happen off-screen. Good horror fun, though a bit too safe to stand out.