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2015 / 90m - Switzerland
Sci-fi, Mystery
Polder poster

An odd, but enjoyable mess. Polder is a weird mix of Swiss and Japanese culture (due to the interest of writer/director Samuel Schwarz I assume, as the connection is never properly explained). An intriguing match-up and the sole reason I was drawn to this film, luckily that's not all Polder has to offer.

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The story is going to be a challenge to keep up with and I think most people will need multiple viewings to get all the finer details. I know I will. The structure is disorienting by design, but you can easily ignore all the weird reveals and simply enjoy the film for its atmosphere, as Schwarz and GrĂ¼nthal made that a clear priority.

The cinematography, editing and score are all pretty intriguing, but they're not quite edgy enough to carry the film. It lacks the grit, craziness and cool of the films (and other cultural elements) it's trying to reference, which keeps Polder from becoming a masterpiece itself. But if you like odd, unique and perplexing films, it's definitely worth a try.