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Yao Ling Ling
2017 / 89m - China
Comedy, Horror -
Goldbuster poster

Sandra Ng is a powerhouse comedy actress. Her tireless work ethos has granted her an impressive oeuvre, but so far she hadn't really bothered directing a film. That's a bit of a surprise, as all the big Hong Kong movie stars like to combine multiple jobs. And so it's nice to see she finally got her shot.

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Humble Grove is a dump amidst an area of expensive skyscrapers. The problem is that the residents don't want to move. The boss of a wealthy conglomerate has already tried everything, his final bet is hiring two guys to dress up as ghosts in an attempt to scare the tenants away. The tenants don't scare that easy though, and they hire a ghostbuster to help with their problem.

Goldbuster is a full-on Hong Kong comedy, which means it's knowingly daft, silly and over-the-top. A bit more surprising is the lush cinematography, not really what I expected from a film like this, but it really elevates the production. No doubt niche material, but if you're looking for a laugh and you can appreciate colorful and polished visuals, this comes warmly recommended.