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2018 / 101m - South Korea
Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Psychokinesis poster

Pretty fun film, but something definitely gets lost in the overambitious mix of genres. Yeon tries to blend drama, comedy, action and scifi and the result is a film that excels at none of these things. It's still a very decent watch, but ultimately too plain and forgettable to stand out.

Train to Busan

2016 / 118m - South Korea
Action, Horror, Thriller
Train to Busan poster


2020 / 116m - South Korea
Action, Horror
Peninsula poster

Not as good as the first one, but I honestly didn't expect it to be. There's not much you can do with the zombie genre that hasn't already been done countless times before, and so Peninsula is another film about a military community with hordes of zombies roaming outside. And yes, some human characters behave worse than the actual monsters.

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Four years after the zombie outbreak, Jung-seok, together with a small team, has to go back to the place where it all started, retrieving a big load of cash that was left behind. It sounds like an easy job, but they clearly underestimated the amount of zombies still roaming the place. The people who survived the zombie plague aren't too welcoming either.

More action than horror this one, with mediocre CG car chases and lots of fire weapon action (the lame kind). The zombies are pretty generic, the horror elements are very limited and there's a bit too much melodrama, but the pacing is decent enough and the film serves a nice enough adventure. Decent filler, but nothing more.


2023 / 98m - South Korea
Sci-fi, Action
Jung_E poster

Not as good as I'd hoped it would be. Truly futuristic sci-fi is pretty rare and the cyberpunk tags got my hopes up, but I probably should've known better. Jung_E is a rather slick South Korean blockbuster that lacks focus and fails to deliver on its genre elements. It still works as inconspicuous filler though.

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Earth has become a garbage heap and humankind fled into space. Two factions separated and started a civil war, that has been raging for the past four decades. Jungyi almost finished the conflict but didn't complete her mission. Her daughter is trying to create an AI from the mother's brain that will succeed where her mother failed.

The robot designs are incredibly dull, and the middle part of the film is way too occupied with some dramatic plot points that just detract from the fun. And while there's no lack of cyber, don't expect any punk from this film. The budget is there though and the action is decent, but in the right hands, this could've been a much better film.

The King of Pigs

Dwae-ji-ui Wang
2011 / 97m - South Korea
Drama, Thriller - Animation
The King of Pigs poster