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No One Gets Out Alive

2021 / 85m - UK
Horror, Mystery
No One Gets Out Alive poster

A very capable haunted house flick that deserves bonus points for an ending that is pretty out there. Not extremely gory or nasty, just ... out there. It also helps that director Menghini looks very much in control from start to finish, meticulously building up the tension before unleashing the finale.

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Ambar sneaks into the USA, hoping she can find work there to pay for her fake passport. She ends up staying in a boarding home, run by a rather odd man. It doesn't take long before Ambar starts hearing sounds and seeing figures in the shadows, it's clear the home is housing a dark secret.

The performances are decent, but it's the mix of the eerie cinematography and the moody soundtrack that makes sure the tension is grounded. Someone around the midpoint I started to wonder whether the film would be able to bring anything new to the table, the ending surely shut me up. Good stuff.