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Rare treats

Millennium Actress

Sennen Joyu
2001 / 87m - Japan
Drama, Animation, Mystery
Millennium Actress poster

The animation is detailed, the direction solid and there's no filler. Add to that a sumptuous score and Kon's perfect sense of timing, and you have a beautiful film that will last you a lifetime.

Perfect Blue

1997 / 81m - Japan
Mystery, Thriller, Animation
Perfect Blue poster

A film that combines strong social commentary with a terrific sense of paranoia, leading you on with each successive twist but scoring purely on execution rather than surprise effect.

The good stuff


2006 / 90m - Japan
Mystery, Sci-fi, Animation
Paprika poster

That said, Paprika is still an amazing film with plenty of memorable moments and a superb finale. If I sound a little negative that's only because his first two films are hard to surpass.

Plain forgettable

Tokyo Godfathers

Tôkyô Goddofâzâzu
2003 / 92m - Japan
Animation, Comedy, Drama
Tokyo Godfathers poster