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The Friendship Game

2022 / 87m - Canada
Mystery, Horror
The Friendship Game poster

A pretty interesting horror film. The premise didn't sound too appealing, I've seen plenty of "strange haunted object" stories before and they rarely deliver on their promise, but The Friendship Game is surprisingly mysterious and the presentation is on point. Don't expect a simple horror flick, there's a bit more meat to this one.

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Cotton finds a strange object at a flea market. The seller explains it's a friendship game that will show the players whether their friendship is meant to last. Cotton buys the thing and convinces her best friends to play along. They have to reveal their innermost desires to each other, lying is strictly forbidden.

The interesting thing is that the film remains quite puzzling until the very end, and it doesn't offer too many clear-cut explanations. I also loved the cinematography and editing, in combination with the slick soundtrack. The performances were above par too. Nothing to fault here, I wish more directors would dare to stray from the beaten path.