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Eat Wheaties!

2020 / 88m - Canada
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A decent but somewhat simple and predictable comedy. The lone, awkward loser who threw away his youth makes a fool of himself trying to reclaim his younger self, and we as an audience follow him along, so we can laugh at his expense. It can work, but then the film has to be a little smarter and wittier.

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Sid is a lonely man, his only claim to fame is that he went to school with Elizabeth Banks. To surprise his brother for his birthday, he tries to score a signed photo of Banks, but nobody believes he actually knew her, certainly not her management, who put out a restraining order. Sid makes a public fool of himself and destroys the little that he accomplished in his life.

Tony Hale isn't too bad, but I felt his character was pretty derivative and he didn't manage to add much of his own. There are some decent jokes, but not quite enough, and there's a little drama at the end that didn't feel entirely earned. It's not all bad though, just a bit tepid and basic.