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The Tank

2023 / 100m - New Zealand
The Tank poster

A fun and capable creature flick from New Zealand. It seems this particular niche is gaining in popularity once again, I for one am not complaining. Simple as they may be, a well-made creature flick is always a treat, combining chills and horrific designs to create a little piece of horror magic.

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A young couple inherits an estate after the man's mother passed away. It's the first they hear of the estate, so they take a little time off of work to visit the place. Not only do they find a bit of hidden family history there, but a mysterious creature is also lurking in the water tank nearby, and it's hungry for human meat.

The build-up is solid, but a tad long. It takes a while before all the pieces are in place, even though the premise is extremely simple. Luckily, the creature doesn't disappoint. Walker is smart to keep it out of view for the first half of the film, slowly introduce it, and deliver some convincing full frontal shots during the finale. Nothing too original, but very good genre fare.

The Frozen Ground

2013 / 105m - USA
Crime, Thriller
The Frozen Ground poster