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Hidden Strike

2023 / 102m - USA
Action, Comedy
Hidden Strike poster

A simple action flick. The concept is little more than "let's bring Jackie Chan and John Cena together and let them fight a bunch of baddies", and that's exactly what you're getting here. That's not necessarily a bad thing, certainly when the film is quite short and to the point, but high-class cinema this is not.

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Chan leads a team of mercenaries who signed up to rescue some workers from a plant. They are under attack and need protection, but the way out is very dangerous. Cena is one of the people assigned to stop Chan and his team, but when he learns that he was fooled by his bosses, he teams up with Chan to fight for the good guys.

Chan and Cena are a decent team, though their style of comedy is pretty predictable. It makes for a lighter atmosphere, which in turn makes it easier to forgive the film some of its wonky CG. There are some solid action choreographies, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Simple but honest action entertainment.

Need for Speed

2014 / 132m - USA
Action, Crime
Need for Speed poster

Pretty damn poor. I played the games when I was younger, though I've never been a big fan (nor do I remember them having many distinctive elements that could be used as a solid base for a film). With the Fast & Furious franchise doing so well though, I get why they tried to see if they could milk it.

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Tobey is a talented mechanic and driver, but his unique skills make others envious. A wealthy businessman gets him framed and Tobey has to go to prison for a crime he didn't commit. When he finally gets out again, he wants revenge. Not just for himself, but for a good friend who was killed during a street race.

Aaron Paul is a shitty lead, Cooper a bland bad guy, and Poots is wasted. The plot is negligible and while the street races are kind of fun, they're never as over-the-top as needed. There's also no reason why this film needed to cross the 120-minute mark. A bad knock-off, I'm glad they left it at that.