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Alive and kicking



2006 / 102m - UK
Cashback poster

Cashback established Ellis as a talent for the future. A fun, quirky and original take on romance, with lots of visual panache, a solid cast and a couple of standout scenes that are sure to become classics. While some of the jokes are a little borderline, the film never slips into questionable territory. Great stuff.

The Brøken

2008 / 88m - UK
The Brøken poster

By far one of the most stylish horror films to come out of England in quite a while. Ellis proves himself a great director, who can handle more than one style.

The Cursed

2021 / 111m - USA
The Cursed poster

Sean Ellis returns to the horror genre. By mixing werewolf lore and Gothic horror elements, he shoots for a more classic and atmospheric result, and that's exactly what he accomplished. The Cursed, much like its title, isn't anything too special or original, but execution is on point.

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When a group of gypsies claims a piece of land, the landowners decide to fight back and murder the gypsies. Before the leader is killed, she curses the land and its inhabitants. Not much later, John McBride arrives in their town, looking for a formidable beast that wreaks havoc.

The setting is superb, the werewolf lore is given a neat twist and the cast is excellent. The creature's design could've been a bit better and the horror beats are a tad predictable, a slightly more spectacular finale wouldn't have hurt either, but if you're looking for a moody horror flick, look no further.


2016 / 120m - Czech Republic
Anthropoid poster