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Twilight of the Yakuza

2013 / 127m - Japan
Twilight of the Yakuza poster

A documentary that takes a closer look at the current state of the Yakuza. After the crackdown on the infamous Japanese crime syndicate, the Yakuza have a hard time surviving. The doc looks at the impact on the members of the clans, but also how this affects the police and the rise of other criminal gangs.

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Crucial here is the way the Yakuza see themselves. Not just ordinary criminals, but people who live on the fringe, living by the Yakuza code and actually performing a public service. With the Yakuza gone, other Mafias are slowly taking their place, and they are less friendly and/or disciplined.

The subjects who are interviewed aren't too interesting though and some of the segments are pretty random (like the inclusion of the Tsunami). I understand getting access to more key figures might have been tough, but a shorter/more concise docu would've been better as an alternative. It's not bad, there just isn't enough there for 2 hours of film.