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The Secret Rivals

Nan Quan Bei Tui
1976 / 90m - Hong Kong
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A rudimentary martial arts film. The film is split into two very basic parts. On the one hand there's a plot, mostly conveyed through dry and static dialogues, on the other hand there are the martial arts scenes, which feature endless strings of kicks, jumps and punches. The film alternates between the two and that's pretty much it really.

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Don't expect Shaw Bros quality, this film was made for action fans who love to watch people beat each other up. The plot is extremely poor and too much time is spent on detailing the story. Then again, you can't have people fighting for 90 minutes straight, so they had to come up with something.

The martial arts choreography isn't that great either, but picks up somewhat near the end. The camera work is disappointing (with lots of pointless, crappy zooms) and the soundtrack is as generic as can be. The film can't rely on star power either, which makes this a pretty lackluster action flick.

Game of Death II

Si Wang Ta
1981 / 86m - Hong Kong
Action, Mystery
Game of Death II poster