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Face to Face

Faccia a Faccia
1967 / 111m - Spain
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Not that I'm suddenly becoming a big western fan (the appeal of the genre remains a mystery to me), but I do find the spaghetti western a lot easier to stomach compared to its American counterparts. The kitsch levels are much higher, which really helps for a genre that shouldn't take itself too seriously.

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Professor Fletcher is ill and needs a little vacation to recover. When he travels up north, he has a chance encounter with a famous criminal. Fletcher is drawn to his lifestyle and joins the criminal gang. As he begins to regain his strength, he isn't just content with being a simple member of the gang.

The setting and characters still don't do much for me, but at least these films are aware of their core identity. This is all about burly men and bank robberies, the good guys versus the bad guys, pure cinematic nonsense, and the direction reflects that. Not great, but better than many of its peers.