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2020 / 114m - Australia
2067 poster

Distant future sci-fi is something few directors dare to attempt nowadays. Maybe it's because budgets don't allow for such things anymore, maybe it's because near-future sci-fi is better suited for delivering convenient tech doom. Whatever the case, director Larney didn't care and throws us several hundred years into the future.

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That isn't to say there's some relevant social critique here. The film starts in 2067, showing our planet (and humanity) on the verge of destruction due to the environmental stress that we put it through. Our only chance of survival is a contraption that acts as a time machine, chasing a mysterious message from the future.

The setup is pretty great, though I was a little disappointed it quickly devolved into another time loop mystery. That's not a spoiler mind, the film is eager to reveal this early on. Performances are decent and the CG is passable, the story is a bit bland though and the score is way too bombastic. The potential was there to be better, but because films like these are so rare nowadays I still had a lot of fun with it.