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Class Action Park

2020 / 89m - USA
Class Action Park poster

80s nostalgia caught in documentary form. With a documentary like this, where not much video material survived of the subject, and interviews form the core of the film, you're bound to get a feeling of exaggeration. The makers embrace it, but in the end, it felt like I was mostly watching a collection of wild tales of an era gone by. Not quite that interesting.

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Action Park was a summer park for young people who liked thrills. The rides in the park didn't just look dangerous, they actually were, resulting in many injuries (and court cases, even some deaths). The doc paints a picture of what it was like to visit the park, of its owners, and the things that went on behind closed curtains.

In this current day and age it's difficult to believe a place like that existed, at the same time I don't necessarily dislike the idea of having these less-controlled environments around. The conclusion of the doc seems to be pointing in the same direction, I'm just not sure if the footage of a mother visiting the grave of the son she lost there fitted in with that sentiment. An amusing doc, but nothing too memorable.