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Lupin III: Da Capo of Love - Fujiko's Unlucky Days

Rupan Sansei: Ai no Da Capo - Fujiko's Unlucky Days
1999 / 92m - Japan
Adventure, Mystery - Animation
Lupin III: Da Capo of Love - Fujiko's Unlucky Days poster

There certainly is no lack of Lupin III specials. I've seen more than a handful already, but I keep finding ones I haven't watched yet. Not that I mind, as these films tends to be a lot of fun, if a little interchangeable. Da Capo of Love is no different. A fun film, but a bit too much like a bunch of other Lupin III films I've seen.

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Lupin and Fujiko are having a pleasant evening, but as always, the two are trying to deceive each other. They're not the only ones planning to ruin the evening. Fujiko has the Columbus files in her possession, documents that are said to reveal the location of the Columbus Egg.

The animation is pretty decent, most of the Lupin regulars are present, and the mystery is classic but amusing. The main bad guy here is a bit forgettable and there isn't really enough to make this film stand out from all the others, but if you can't get enough of the Lupin III films, you won't be disappointed.