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The Super Inframan

Zhong Guo Chao Ren
1975 / 90m - Hong Kong
Sci-fi, Action
The Super Inframan poster

The Shaw Bros studio trying to make its own tokusatsu film. The result is so cheesy and disastrous that it ends up being somewhat fun to watch, but this just goes to show that this genre is more than bad taste and cheap effects. There's actually some skill involved if you want to make a half-decent tokusatsu film.

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After a 10 million year sleep, Princess Elzebub awakens. Her only mission is to conquer Earth and to eradicate all humans. To show her strength, she destroys a couple of cities. Professor Liu's BDX Project is humanity's only hope. In his lab, he transforms Lei Ma into Inframan, a martial artist with superior strength.

The characters and sets look like absolute crap, the plot is shamelessly simplistic, not even the fights scenes are any good. It's such a train wreck that it's difficult to pull your eyes away from the screen, but that's about the only appeal this film has. I'm not surprised this was a short-lived experiment.