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Wonderland Recoil

2022 / 98m - Denmark
Sci-fi, Fantasy
Wonderland Recoil poster

Alice in Wonderland, the cybergoth edition. This is clearly a passion project from director Shaun Rana (just look at the credits, he holds the majority of the creative and technical credits himself). The potential is overflowing and there's quite a lot to enjoy here, but the budgetary limitations show and the execution is a bit too flakey to be truly impressive.

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There isn't much in the way of an actual plot here. A girl is looking for a pleasant way to spend the evening, and she decides to try out a new drug. After acquiring the materials and printing the drug, she ends up in a hallucinogenic Wonderland. The link with Alice in Wonderland is obvious, but only skin deep.

The maximalist styling is fun, the contemporary/niche take on a classic story works well enough and Rana shows that he has talent. Only the actual technical skillset is sometimes lacking. The blurry images give the film a cheap feel, the performances are dire and the editing could use some work. I do applaud the audacity of this project and I did have plenty of fun with it, I just wish it was a bit more polished.