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This Is Where I Leave You

2014 / 103m - USA
Comedy, Drama
This Is Where I Leave You poster

Date Night

2010 / 88m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Date Night poster

The Adam Project

2022 / 106m - USA
Sci-fi, Adventure
The Adam Project poster

A bit too childish for my taste. I could do with another excellent sci-fi film, but they seem hard to come by these days. The Adam Project plays more like the 80s adventure films for kids, with a serious dash of Ryan Reynolds throws in. If that's your thing, this is probably a great film.

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Adam travels back from the future to stop the time travel machine from ever being invented. He miscalculates and ends up in the wrong timeline, four years from where he should've landed. He seeks out his former self to help him out, but his enemies are on his tail, and they don't want him to interfere with history.

The budget was there, but that's about it. Reynolds plays himself again, the rest of the cast isn't too great either, the time travel mechanics are lazy, and the emotional bits don't work at all. At least the pacing is decent, and the runtime remains below the two-hour mark, Netflix could do a lot better with a budget like that though.

Free Guy

2021 / 115m - USA
Comedy, Sci-fi
Free Guy poster

I knew absolutely nothing about Free Guy going in, apart from the fact it was some big blockbuster gaming film. Generally, those are better left alone, but at least this one wasn't directed by Spielberg. The result isn't that much better though, Free Guy is a pretty bland and childish take on video games/gaming culture.

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Guy is a happy man who lives in a violent city. He works in a bank, every day is filled with robberies and gunfights, while outside tanks and helicopters ravaging his city. Still, he gets up every morning with a smile on his face. Until one day, when he runs into Millie, a girl that will change his life forever.

There are some cute gaming references, but most of them are very phoned in. Performances are quite poor (not even Waititi lands his part), the action is somewhat uninspired, and the plot is a bore. What remains is noise and expensive set pieces. A pretty typical Hollywood blockbuster in other words. Big budget, no creativity.

Real Steel

2011 / 127m - USA
Action, Sport
Real Steel poster

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

2014 / 98m - USA
Comedy, Adventure
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb poster

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

2009 / 105m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian poster

Night at the Museum

2006 / 108m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
Night at the Museum poster

The Internship

2013 / 119m - USA
The Internship poster