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Little Miss Period

2019 / 75m - Japan
Comedy, Romance
Little Miss Period poster

It's not every day that you bump into a light comedy that focuses on women's periods. Little Miss Period does more than that though, it even brings them to life as physical characters. The fact that this film is directed by a man could lead to all kinds of trouble, so let's hope the West doesn't find out about this one anytime soon.

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Believe it or not, as outrageous as the premise may sound, the film itself is actually quite subtle and sweet. The film follows several women whose everyday lives are hindered by their period. The film never gets preachy though, neither is the discomfort played down or ridiculed. And should any men feel left out, there's also a Mr Sex Drive character that is pretty fun.

If you're very sensitive or easily triggered by the whole men vs women debate than this might not be the film for you, otherwise it's just a harmless, pleasant and sweet romantic comedy that distinguishes itself with its unique premise. A solid cast, decent cinematography and a warm ending do the rest.