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Alive and kicking
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Flows to the waves of childlike wonder and pleasure. Jonze's execution is flawless, making it a marvelously surreal trip through Monsterland. Highly recommended.


2002 / 114m - USA
Comedy, Mystery
Adaptation. poster

Jonze's sober presentation puts Kaufman in the spotlight and looking at the stellar script he wrote that might have been a good call.

Being John Malkovich

1999 / 113m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
Being John Malkovich poster

Spike Jonze's first feature film remains a joy to behold. A culmination of strange ideas and odd plot twists, Being John Malkovich is the type of film that bewilders and amuses, and gets stranger and more intricate by the minute. The cinematography wasn't quite as polished as I remembered, but the concept remains strong, the performances are on point and there are some really funny and poignant scenes. The US could use more directors like Jonze, a good two decades after its initial release it still managed to weird me out. That is quite an accomplishment.


2013 / 126m - USA
Romance, Sci-fi
Her poster