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Let It Snow

2020 / 86m - Ukraine
Let It Snow poster

A very solid survival horror. Autumn has landed here and the days are shortening. The ideal moment to huddle up on the couch and look at people who are braving worse weather conditions still. Not sure why, but I love a good winter survival horror in autumn, Let It Snow is perfect for that.

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A young American couple plans a trip to Georgia for some prime snowboarding action. When they arrive at their hotel, they are notified the black ridge is closed for public. Unfazed by this news, they hire a chopper and take on the adventure anyway. Safe to say that wasn't the smartest thing to do.

The setup is perfect for a film like this. Snowy mountain ranges, two people in the wilderness on the other side of the planet and no help in sight. Add some creepy locals and you have everything you need for an amusing horror film. Proper styling, solid performances and a moody setting make this perfect filler.