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Hong Kong - 65 years old
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The good stuff

Everlasting Regret

Changhen Ge
2005 / 115m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
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Solid pieces

Center Stage

Ruan Lingyu
1992 / 126m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
Center Stage poster

The inoffensive

Hold You Tight

Yue Kuai Le, Yue Duo Luo
1997 / 99m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
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Yin Ji Kau
1987 / 93m - Hong Kong
Drama, Fantasy, Music
Rouge poster

Worthy but flawed

The Island Tales

You Shi Tiaowu
2000 / 103m - Hong Kong
Mystery, Drama
The Island Tales poster

Hong Kong has never had many dedicated arthouse directors, its film industry is more targeted at producing genre films. Stanley Kwan never really made a big impact on the international stage, he mostly remained in the shadow of Wong Kar-Wai and looking at The Island Tales, that's really not such a big surprise.

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Seven people are trapped on an island after the government suddenly decides to quarantine it. The island is suspected of being the source of a dangerous virus going around. The situation creates an otherworldly atmosphere that causes the seven to reflect on their lives and their mutual relationships.

I had a pretty hard time figuring out what Kwan was trying to accomplish here. The cinematography was solid, but the soundtrack felt off, the dialogues were pretty cheesy and the entire concept never seemed to find its footing. It's a bit of an oddball film, there are definitely some interesting ideas here, but overall it doesn't really work that well.

Dubious filler

Lan Yu

2001 / 86m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
Lan Yu poster

I'm not Stanley Kwan's biggest fan, but I do appreciate most of his films. It's remarkable that even a director like Kwan seems to forgo his cinematic signature when doing a gay romance/drama. It appears to be some unwritten law that few directors dare to rebel against, it certainly explains why I'm generally not too taken with these films.

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Lan Yu is a young country boy who moves to the big city to study. There he runs into Chen Handong, a rich businessman. The two have a steamy night, but when dawn comes Handong is facing a tough decision. Continue his comfy lifestyle and deny his love for Yu, or start a relationship and put his reputation on the line.

Lan Yu is a decent drama, but nothing more. If the romance and/or characters don't grasp you, there's really nothing here. The cinematography is bland, the soundtrack sparse, performances are middling. And the gay-themed romance is hardly anything that stands out these days. Pretty disappointing.