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A Serial Killer's Guide to Life

2019 / 81m - UK
Comedy, Horror
A Serial Killer's Guide to Life poster

A really, really dry comedy. And therefor, maybe not quite crazy or out there enough to create the contrast needed for it to work seamlessly. I wanted to laugh more, I recognized the comedy and appreciated the idea behind it, but the execution felt a little underdeveloped.

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Louise wants a change in her life, but her life coaches aren't really helping that much. Until she meets Val, a strong and powerful woman who takes Louise on a journey of enlightenment. They visit several types of life improvement programs, but something odd is going on with Val.

It's a bit odd the film tries to hide Val's true intentions ... as it is literally there in the title. The performances are decent, the comedy is dark and pretty bitchy, the pacing is perfect and the runtime short. I'm not entirely certain why I didn't like this film more, but somehow it just wasn't as funny as it should've been.