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2000 / 103m - Germany
Horror, Thriller
Anatomy poster

Booked as a horror film, but it's more of a core thriller with very slight horror touches. It's probably the topic (anatomical research) and the setting (dissecting tables and cold medical facilities) that give off some horror-like vibes, just don't expect anything too gross or horrific. In that sense, it would make a pretty solid double bill with Tsukamoto's Vital.

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Paula is an extremely gifted medical student. She gets accepted into a very prestigious summer program, where she'll learn everything there is to know about human anatomy. The students like to play pranks on each other, but it quickly dawns on Paula that something is off on campus. Some of the bodies that turn up appear to be murdered.

Anatomy has a pretty decent vibe. The film doesn't take itself too serious, the pacing is nice and there are some memorable sight (mostly the deconstructed corpses on display). The thriller elements are rather predictable though and the final is a bit underwhelming. Still, it's a pretty amusing film and a decent option for those who crave a bit of 90s horror.