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Swinging Safari

2018 / 97m - Australia
Comedy, Drama
Swinging Safari poster

Somewhat loud and hectic comedy, but for some weird reason it was still pretty infectious. I'm not a big fan of this type of comedy and the 70s really aren't my favorite period in time, but the constant banter and summery vibe still made for a pretty fun film. That and the explosive finale of course.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert poster

Amusing road movie that stands out because of its central trio. Weaving, Pearce and Stamp do a great job, though their transvestite characters aren't half as remarkable as they used to be. A decent mix of comedy and drama, some nice country sights and a rather economic running time make this a fun diversion.

A Few Best Men

2011 / 97m - Australia
Comedy, Romance
A Few Best Men poster

A passable wedding flick. The setup is pretty simple and nothing you haven't seen before, but the marriage between British and Australian humor makes it bearable. Not everything is funny of course and some bits could've used some extra love, but overall it's an okay comedy, although forgettable.