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Zebra Girl

2021 / 79m - UK
Zebra Girl poster

A weird and quirky horror film. I'm hardly new to the genre, but I don't think I've seen too many films like it. Zebra Girl offers an odd mix of uncomfortable horror, quirky styling choices, and dark comedy. The result is a film that kept me on my toes, even though it doesn't harbor that many surprises.

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Catherine is pretty unstable when she goes up the stairs, takes a knife, and kills her husband in cold blood. She stashes him away in a closet and calls her best friend Anita to help her out with the aftermath. As they clean up the body, we slowly learn what drove Catherine to do what she did.

The performances are pretty self-aware, the pink/purple styling is peculiar and the soundtrack is unnerving. There isn't too much meat to the plot, but the build-up and length of the film are perfect. If the styling had been just a little more pronounced, this would've been a personal favorite for sure. I'm already looking forward to what Zari comes up with next.