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2019 / 96m - USA
Comedy, Horror
Snatchers poster

A surprisingly fun horror/comedy that echoes James Gunn's Slither. Snatchers is a film that goes for overt comedy, but doesn't shy away from getting its hands dirty (and its lens bloody). It can't quite compete with the best in the genre (the Braindead-like ending draws unnecessary attention to the fact that it could've been way crazier), but it's a fun entry in a niche that hasn't too many recent standouts.

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A girl turns out excessively pregnant the very next day after losing her virginity. She turns to an old friend and together they visit a free clinic. There, an alien spurts out, which goes on to kill everyone present in the clinic. Together they'll have to fight an old Mayan curse that is about to off half the town.

The comedy isn't very subtle, neither is the horror. Snatchers goes for an even blend of both genres, which will no doubt be a divisive choice. Performances are on point, the horror is pleasantly graphic and there's clear love for the genre. The film is a smidgen too long maybe, but other than that it offers a jolly good time.