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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

2012 / 103m - USA
Drama, Romance
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2017 / 113m - USA
Wonder poster

Unpleasant Hollywood sentiment. Not that I was expecting something else, but the film had received some decent word-to-mouth, so I hoped for something that would set it apart from similar films. Director Chbosky had proved himself a capable director before, but he clearly wasn't ready to face the Hollywood machine.

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Auggie is a young kid with a deformed face. His parents have homeschooled him, but they believe it's time for him to go to a real school, so he can learn how to deal with the outside world. Auggie needs time to adapt to his new school, but slowly he learns how to get along with the other kids.

As if Auggie's troubles aren't enough, his sister is also dealing with some personal issues, a pet has to die, and the bullies at school come to realize their wrongdoings. And it's all presented in that rather smug and easy Hollywood style. Chbosky is able to salvage a few scenes, but it's not enough to save the entire film.