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The inoffensive

Hell House LLC

2015 / 93m - USA
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Hell House LLC poster

Old meets new. The haunts niche is doing quite well with a steady influx of fresh films every year, the found footage presentation may be past its prime but is a perfect match for this niche. The premise is very simple, the execution is on point. Pretty good filler, especially with October right around the corner.

Worthy but flawed

Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel poster

Sequel that wants to be bigger and more complex, but on the same shoestring budget. The result is a cast that's decidedly worse and some badly executed extras. The found footage haunted house bits are still fine, there's just less of them now and that makes the film worse off. Not terrible, but I preferred the first one.

Dubious filler

Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire poster

The Hell House saga returns with yet another variation on the same theme. The found footage still sits at its core, only the story gets a bit more complex with every new iteration. There are some effective horror bits here, sadly everything else is quite poor. A back to the basics approach would serve this series a whole better I think.