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Closet Monster

2015 / 90m - Canada
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A rather brave attempt to spruce up a basic coming out drama, but writer/director Stephen Dunn doesn't quite get his film where it needs to be. For too long Closet Monster is just a simple drama like there have been so many before, it's only nearing the finale that the film gets something mysterious and uncomfortable.

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Oscar is a young boy scarred by the divorce of his parents. The separation of his mom and the fickle mental state of his father make his childhood harder than it should've been. Oscar is also coming to terms with the fact that he is gay, though signals from his surroundings denote that as a bad thing.

The performances are decent but barely sufficient for this type of drama, the minor fantastical elements don't leave much of an impression, the soundtrack is borderline acceptable and the drama feels way too familiar. The moody ending redeems the film somewhat, but I expected more from this one.