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Unfriended: Dark Web

2018 / 92m - USA
Horror, Mystery
Unfriended: Dark Web poster

Sequel time. They did well to wait a few years with this second film. There was a time when it looked like screen-only horror films would be the next big thing. Turns out the niche was too limited to sustain a sizeable amount of films, not to mention quite hard to pull off (lethal for a healthy genre niche).

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It's been a while since I last saw one of these films, which is probably why I was a bit more lenient. I'm still a big fan of the setup and its potential for creepiness, but if Dark Web proves anything, it's that it's quite difficult to create and sustain tension this way. The film has its moments, but they're sparse.

Performances are decent, there are some mean kills and the pacing is excellent. I wouldn't expect too much realism and tech-doom levels are through the roof, but since we're talking straight-forward horror cinema it's not that irritating. A pretty solid horror film, though in the end it was unable to rise above its limitations.